Is telehealth right for you?

Learn more about telehealth (or telepsychology) services, and whether you might benefit.

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, telehealth services have been offered by healthcare providers around the world. Prior to my retirement in 2019, I completed telehealth continuing education training and I am familiar with telehealth delivery.

Benefits of telehealth:

  • Ability to connect with your healthcare team from the convenience and safety of your own home
  • More flexible scheduling as both patients and healthcare providers follow stay-in-place requirements to avoid transmission of COVID-19
  • Many insurance plans (although not all) now recognize telehealth as an important modality of care, and typically provide at least some benefit coverage

I am currently a licensed psychologist in the state of Oregon only. At this time, I have not decided to re-activate my license in Washington state. What does this mean for you? I can only provide services to patients who are physically in the state of Oregon at the time of our telehealth session. However, a number of state licensing boards are considering temporarily changing these requirements so stay posted if you would like to work with me but are currently in another state.

My part-time telehealth practice is not a good fit for all individuals. At the current time, I am available to meet with former clients only. In the event that I open up my availability to new clients, I will refer you to a psychologist colleague if any of the following are true for you:

  • You are currently experiencing symptoms of moderate to severe depression
  • You are in the early stages of an active eating disorder (especially anorexia or bulimia)
  • You are currently (or have recently experienced) thoughts of suicide
  • You are currently in a situation that involves domestic violence or abuse
  • You are actively abusing a substance such as alcohol or marijuana

Telehealth services can be an invaluable support, especially during this current pandemic. Most clients report that they feel connected and engaged with their psychotherapists even when participating in virtual (online) sessions.

However, because I no longer have the established connections (with consultation teams, psychologist colleagues, medical professionals, dietitians, etc) to meet the needs of individuals experiencing more serious mental health issues, I will refer you to one of my full-time colleagues if I decide that I can not adequately meet your needs. In addition, I am the parent of a young child, and my scheduling availability will be limited based upon this life situation.

Ready to get started, or want to talk more in a free telehealth consultation? Please call my office at (503) 389-0557 or email

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